Apogee Power BI

A schematic comparison of a traditional Call Accounting System (CAS) and the Apogee Business Intelligence System (BIS) is illustrated in the following diagram:



The details illustrated in the lower BIS version of the Apogee system should not obscure the robust simplicity of the core CAS version depicted in the upper half of the diagram.  At its foundation, the Apogee system includes a versatile data Extraction, Translation, and Load module (ETL),, supported by a familiar GUI-based interface to record call data, generate reports, and automatically distribute management reports in a variety of formats as it has for over three decades for many Fortune 500 companies – having successfully processed many billions of call records.  Now the latest Apogee Net version has the additional, fundamental, data-centric tools required for enterprises seeking to leverage that capability and expand into the new Data Mining arena.