Apogee Enterprise

apogeeNetEntApogee Enterprise is designed for large-sized organizations with ad-hoc reporting requirements over two million call records and unlimited historical reporting needs. The reports can be integrated across multiple sites or sequestered in multiple databases for improved speed. Apogee Enterprise is optimized for heavy call traffic and for minimizing network delivery bandwidth requirements for demanding call accounting practices. Apogee Enterprise is particularly suited for VoIP applications requiring site reconciliation or incorporating multi-node publisher configurations, legacy PBX environments with heterogeneous switches, or global networks. The system is compatible with all Microsoft SQL Server Editions. The Enterprise version is compatible with all Apogee Enhancements and a pre-requisite for large-scale Facilities Management, Inventory, Cable, and Work Order Tracking Enhancements.

  • Over 200 Report Templates
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Distribution
  • Non-Stop Fraud
  • Exception Monitoring
  • Scheduled Import
  • Export Simplifies MACs
  • Billcode/Tenant/Legal
  • Answer Service Billback
  • Robust, Reliable, Scalable, Multi-Site Platform
  • Cube Compatible for Modeling Metrics
  • Slice and Dice Your Way
  • Expanded Fraud Alerts
  • Full Integration with MS SQL SSIS
  • Customize Views for Visualization
  • Big Data Ready and Reliable
  • Automatic Ad Hoc
  • Historical Reports
  • Fraud Alerts Distributed to Specific Depts
  • Automated MACs With Major Corporate DBs
  • Integrated Corporate Facilities Management
  • Autonomous Multi-Site or Integrated

Powered by SQL Server 2012 Enterprise


Powered by SQL Server 2012 Enterprise