Data Marts

In this exciting new realm of self-service Business Intelligence Apogee provides a framework to incorporate call records into your own custom Data Mart.  Are you in the process of tapping into the intelligence stored in the unstructured data saved by your Marketing, Sales, Service, or IT departments and trying to correlate that to your call records?  It should be patently clear that it is essential to have access to reliable, accurate call data as the foundation of your analysis.  If you want to get the intelligence you need from your CDR, then Apogee can save you and your team time and money - as the system is replete with built-in Data-Centric tools and with Apogee you can have confidence in absolute accuracy.


Apogee ETLdatamart

Extracting CUCM data is simple.  However, getting to your data does not mean much if the data is not accurate. Translating it is the challenge – grouping by Global ID is not enough.  Apogee groups Devices and Extensions into Category Pools.  The Apogee CUCM BI Suite then matches call sequences with the proper Category Templates and processes the CDR using a propriety pattern recognition algorithm by re-iteratively merging, sorting, and filtering to yield absolute accuracy.   Your Data Model needs access to the reliable data that only Apogee can deliver.


ApogeeNet Integration with Microsoft SQL Analysis Services

You probably have your IT team involved in BI if SSAS is in the mix.  Are they Cisco CDR or VoIP Session Border Controller experts?   How much time will be saved by utilizing well-established schema to develop your dimensions and cubes?

ApogeeNet Integration with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services

Traffic analysis, workflow loading, call handling efficiency, on-net and off-net optimization, and myriad telco metrics have been replicating in the ApogeeNet reporting DNA for over 3 decades.  ApogeeNet can provide a jump start for your SSRS project.