Apogee has various Enhancement Products targeted to specific vertical markets with a solid menu of dedicated features.  Our robust platform has been recognized as an industry standard for the last 35 years – selected by Bell Operating Companies, recommended by PBX manufacturers, and offered as an OEM product by major vendors in the Telemanagement Industry.  If our competitors choose us, shouldn’t you?


Hotel PMSHotel PMS

Apogee has been certified for integration with the Micros Opera PMS system.  Micros Opera is an industry standard PMS utilized by major hotel and casino venues internationally.  This integration allows a seamless interface for telephone charges to be consolidated with a large variety of other hotel charges and accommodated with other back office features, thereby improving overall cost capture, testing, and general reliability.



Facilities ManagementFacilities Management

The Apogee Facilities Management System (FMS) modules that can be utilized to track non-usage aspects of the telecommunications environment such as physical structures, inventory items, cabling, work order transactions, and trouble tickets. FMS system can provide consolidated billing for all aspects of common telecom expenditures in large campus environments with customizable export to typical general ledger systems.  FMS modules include Inventory Management, Cable Tracking, Work Order Administration, and Consolidated Billing.


Professional Services PackageProfessional Service Package

To maintain profitability in today’s fast-paced business environment, professional service firms need to recover all phone related billable costs accurately and on a timely basis. Unfortunately, many firms -- including law, architecture, advertising, public relations, accounting and engineering – loose thousands of dollars each year on un-billable phone expenses because calls are not accurately billed back to clients.  Using the Apogee Professional Services Packages, associates can take advantage of the easy-to-use call log screen to see a history of inbound and outbound call activity from their desktops. With just a few mouse clicks account codes can be properly assigned for timely and accurate client bill-back.


Business Intelligence Suite Business Intelligence Suite

The Apogee Business Intelligence modules (BIS) have been designed specifically for implementation in Cisco UCM environments. With the explosion of data recorded by the UCM it has become increasing demanding to examine the CDR data with the tools and techniques embedded in  traditional Call Accounting Systems.  With Managers increasingly focused on the assimilation of call information into data-centric models to obtain competitive advantages, it became necessary to develop a new Apogee paradigm.  Apogee BIS fuses a robust Cisco ETL front end, exhibiting unsurpassed accuracy, with the rapidly developing brave new world of self-service Business Intelligence.