There has been an avalanche of business data generated from everyday corporate activities over the last decade.  Managers have increasingly focused on analysis of this data to obtain a competitive advantage.   If that analysis incorporates Cisco Unified Call Manager CDR records, there will be a daunting explosion of data resulting from the multitude of parameters recorded by the UCM.  The sheer volume of data that can be generated for a single call will command the efforts of a qualified, in-house expert to track properly.
The Apogee BI Suite contains key Data Mining Tools to help you unlock the gold mine of Powerful Analytics in your call data:

  • Uncover unique Views contained within your CDR
  • Category Patterns track 100+ elements per CDR
  • Link to preconfigured Standard Dimensions 
  • Delve deep to uncover Key Performance Indicators

Apogee BI incorporates data-centric parameters into your statistics and reporting:

  • Extensive ETL for reliable SSIS Integration
  • Use 150 Report Templates or export Views for Visualization
  • Incorporate powerful KPI Paradigm into Reporting
  • Categorize Exts, Device Names, and Partitions for Slicing & Dicing

Regardless of your experience level with Data Mining or Cisco UCM CDR, the Apogee Business Intelligence suite can provide the requisite accuracy and tools to ensure the success of your next project and improve the sustainability of your production environment.