Your Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) phone system probably handles tens of thousands and possibly millions of calls each year, and you may even have reporting tools that summarize or track overall call flow details. But the chances are great that your system is derived from a legacy reporting system and ignores the complex details required to precisely follow the progression of call transactions to completion.

Report AccuracyCisco CDR Reports

To ensure timely and effective levels of service for your callers, managers within your organization must have a clear, detailed picture of who makes the calls, how the calls are handled, and what can be done to improve the efficiency of call transactions.

To obtain these objectives it is absolutely essential to track CUCM records from Cradle-to-Grave. Most tracking systems ignore CUCM complexities and either treat call records as independent events or register the initial and final events while ignoring the intervening details.  Apogee tracks every leg and uses proprietary pattern recognition to reconstruct every call.


Agent SummaryEye Popping Reports

With over one hundred stored parameters for every call leg, there are a lot of important parameters that can be captured and summarized for reporting.  A variety of enhanced reporting tools have been pooled together into the Apogee Reporting modules for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.  These flexible reports help you interpret what is truly going on in your organization and if you desire a unique visualization, the Apogee BI Suite can provide the additional tools to slice and dice the call data your way.

ApogeeNet BI Reporting

With the introduction of ApogeeNet Views, you can short-circuit the requirements of working with dedicated IT specialists within your organization and venture into the exciting new world of self-serve business intelligence with just the experience you probably already have with Microsoft Excel.   Leverage your existing skills to slice, dice, query, filter, and design your own reporting visualizations.  ApogeeNet simplifies the process and guarantees that you will have a reliable source of all-encompassing data that will be unavailable from other venders.

Power BI Reporting

Add new dimensions to your reporting with self service BI Visualization tools - Scatter Charts, Mapping, Maps with superimposed Bubble Charts or even add a Play Axis to animate your results. Apogee View is your bridge to a wide variety of Reporting solutions.  Distribute the results on Sharepoint or push your reports to the Cloud to share your results on MS tablets and mobile devices. If you are on a path toward a complete Data Mart solution, Apogee Views can also provide a convenient link to full-scale BI MSSAS cube development and advanced Reporting tools available in MSSRS.