Cisco CDR Call Tracking

Count on Apogee for Accurate Cisco CDR

By implementing unique Call Templates to characterize Call Sequence Patterns Apogee offers unique advantages:

  • Precise Cradle-to-Grave Tracking
  • Exclusive Recombination of related Global IDs
  • Proprietary Reporting Stats stored per CDR leg


Let Apogee Handle the CDR Details

Apogee transforms complex call sequences into manageable form and records the results utilizing innovative techniques:

  • Categorizes Devices to Simplify Reporting
  • Calculates over 100 stats per CDR record
  • Aggregates external measures and metrics


Apogee Brings a New Dimension to CDR

Our core call processor was designed around a Data-Centric Paradigm and incorporates KPI technology into every CDR record:

  • Foundation for a Rock solid ETL Process
  • Incorporate Internal/External Data Store
  • Interface for Cube Construction


Apogee Excels At Cisco Reporting

Utilizing a toolkit of 150+ Report Templates, with vast filter capabilities, and unique BI tools, Apogee empowers you to view data your way:

  • Eye Popping, Insightful Reporting
  • Pinpoint details with pixel-perfect resolution
  • Creates novel Views for Visualization