Cisco CDR Features



Apogee Visualization

Apogee BI Suite provides a unique View into Cisco CDR and generates over 100 parameters per CUCM record.  Apogee merges, sorts, filters, and then adds proprietary pattern recognition to make it easy to obtain stunning Visualizations.


Apogee Modeling

In this brave new world of self-service BI the Apogee Suite provides a framework to build your own custom Data Store – simplified with logical names and hierarchies.  Incorporate core metrics and custom KPIs for your needs.

Apogee BI Suite

The Apogee CUCM BI Suite will provide assurance that the underlying objectives of your CDR analysis are sound.  Then utilize Cloud based Power BI technologies to share your results on MS tablets and mobile devices.

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SQL Integration Services

It is safe to say that the SSIS component of BI is the heavy lifting when incorporating Cisco CDR as a data store component.  No other system can do ETL better than Apogee for Cisco.  Call us and we will explain why!

SQL Analysis Services

You probably have your IT team involved in BI if SSAS is in the mix.  Are they Cisco CDR experts?   How much time will be saved by utilizing well-established schema to develop your dimensions and cubes?

SQL Reporting Services

Traffic analysis, workflow loading, call handling efficiency, on-net and off-net optimization, and myriad telco metrics have replicated in our reporting DNA  for over 3 decades.  Apogee can jump start your SSRS project.