Cisco SSIS

Cisco SQL Integration Services

It is safe to say that the SSIS component of BI does the heavy lifting in any Data Mart solution. Your choice of Connection and the structure and reliability of the data in the SSIS phase is critical to guarantee the integrity of the overall solution. The Cisco Unified Call Manager CDR records incorporate a daunting array of parameters in every call leg - and the variety and sheer volume of data that can be generated for a single call will command the efforts of a qualified CUCM CDR expert to track properly. The ApogeeNet BI Suite contains all the tools you need to extract, translate, and load CUCM data. If your schemas are multi-variate, dynamic, and highly proprietary, Apogee incorporates a variety of tools to achieve the most sensitive Data Translations. No other off-the-shelf system can do ETL better than Apogee for the Cisco UCM. Contact SDT and we will explain why!

SSIS ToolsIntegrations

  • Proprietary UCM CDR Manager for Modeling
  • Calculate 100+ parameters per CDR
  • Embedded Call Pattern Recognition
  • Categorize Cisco Devices and Partitions
  • Simple GUI to define custom UCM fields
  • Integrated Scrub, Merge, and Sort Algorithms
  • Embedded Call Pattern Recognition
  • Logical Views simplify DAX/MDX Formulation