SDT Company

Strategic Data and Telecom, Inc. (SDT, Inc.) develops and markets innovative telemanagement and call accounting solutions designed to deliver critical telecom information that is essential for the effective management of modern business operations.  Our Cutting-edge Call Accounting Products have been recognized and adapted by regional RBOCs, equipment manufacturers, and are even licensed by a variety of well-recognized telemanagement competitors.   Our resellers and channel partners have implemented SDT solutions for a large variety of Fortune 1000 customers.

Founded in 1980, SDT has been dedicated to remain at the forefront of the computer-telephony revolution and offer reliable, cost-effective, innovative, management reporting solutions that can be tailored to the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.  SDT was an active participant in early CTI efforts to incorporate CDR information from a variety of sources to generate vital call processing information.  Our Cisco Call Manager Reporting Solution  was introduced in early 2000 to fill the gap between legacy PBX SMDR reporting and the more demanding requirements of the CUCM. Early implementers of CUCM needed a tracking system that could span the divide between the old and new paradigms.

Big Data

The next decade brought another cataclysmic shift with an avalanche of business data generated from all aspects of everyday corporate activities.  Data-centric models began to be developed to obtain an understanding of this disparate data and it was clear that CUCM data and other VoIP data from devices such as SBC controllers were becoming increasingly important components of these models.  SDT recognized this shift in emphasis from management reporting to Data Modeling and Analytics and has incorporated an arsenal of BI Tools into a core telemanagement product based upon a 35–year-track-record and thousands of terabytes of call records successfully recorded and processed.

what we offer

Over Three Decades of Telemanagement Experience

Innovative approaches to Telemanagement Reporting have replicated in our DNA for over 30 years.  Our core expertise in software, hardware, and network design have enabled SDT to tackle demanding challenges for our Fortune 1000 clients.  As our cutting-edge features mature they are incorporated into our off-the-shelf Award Winning Apogee Product Suite.


Most of our customers have tried the competition and simply need more.  Our flexible standard platform can usually be configured to meet any challenge.  However, if you need more than a cookie-cutter solution, our expert staff is available for your custom project.  Our reputation is focused on being Solution Providers who Work until you are Satisfied.  Guaranteed.

Integrity and Reliability

Our competitor's CEOs,  managers of Global Telecom Corporations, directors of Regional Bell Operating Companies, and executives from our customer base for the last 35+ years all echo the sentiment that their business relationships with SDT have been among the most straightforward and fruitful experiences in their corporate memory. 
On Target. On time.  On budget.