Powered By Microsoft SQL Server

sqlserver2012The various versions of Apogee utilize corresponding versions of Microsoft SQL Server - the robust database platform that refuses to collapse under the weight of real-world data loads.

Apogee Desktop utilizes Microsoft's royalty-free SQL Server Express Edition.  This slimmed down version of SQL Server is an economical alternative that preserves all of the power and reliability of SQL Server.  SQL Express will support call storage volumes up to 2 million call records.  Apogee Desktop  allows  up to 5 concurrent users.

Apogee Enterprise relies on Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition,  providing virtually  unlimited call storage.  This expanded storage enables massive amounts of detail call records can be stored in both raw and processed format files allowing you to quickly run reports or reprocess older data if needed and generate Historical Reporting as well as the full complement of eye popping ad-hoc reports.

Apogee Enterprise provides unlimited network access for on-demand reporting, real-time monitoring, and administration.  Apogee Enterprise allows hassle-free network access via client-server or a convenient web browser interface.

Apogee BI Suite can be powered by Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, SQL Analysis Services, or BI Editions and is compatible with Microsoft Business Intelligence SQL Enhancements – SSIS and SSRS.  Regardless of the choice of database, massive amounts of detail call records can be stored and joined with proprietary databases to create unique Views into your data repository with numerous self-service Microsoft Business Intelligence tools.  Custom Metrics can be easily added and utilized to slice and dice your multi-dimensional cube data the way you want.

Apogee's n-tier architecture allows multiple users to access the entire system simultaneously, without database lockouts or single-user mode requirements.