Western States Equipment Co

The Problem –
In keeping with their goal of providing unparalleled Customer Service, the WSECO IT department had expended considerable effort to provide management reports to track the performance of their receptionist and service departments by diligently monitoring the call flow through a Cisco UCM system. They were utilizing SQL Analysis Services augmented by third party BI reporting tools to develop OLAP cubes and augmenting the Cisco CDR with other corporate-wide databases. However, as the Customer Communications Supervisor scrutinized the resulting reports, something was amiss. Periodic manual tallies and customer/employee feedback about traffic workloads did not quite reconcile with the reports. Furthermore continual changes in the CUCM configuration and corporate telecommunications infrastructure started to require an FTE in a department with finite resources and expanding objectives.

The Solution –
After an exhaustive search for solutions, WSECO called upon SDT, recognizing the extensive Cisco CDR expertise available in their product line. The Apogee Call Center Reporting modules had many of the parameters being sought and a review of Apogee ETL processes and pattern recognition algorithms promised to be an improvement to their in-house development efforts. SDT worked diligently with IT personnel and other stakeholders, developing test suites, reviewing existing WSECO schema, metrics, KPIs, and overall cube structures to achieve a seamless integration and meet WSECO objectives.

The Results –
The ETL responsibility has shifted entirely to SDT with the vigilant gratitude and complete confidence of the IT department as the product shifts to a new SQL 2012 production server. IT has regained a considerable fraction of an FTE’s effort. The easy configuration and automation features of the Apogee reporting engine have been implemented within the amalgam of BI and legacy reporting. Customer Service has more confidence in the resulting numbers. The CEO who provided the impetus for improving the Customer Service campaign is pleased with the resulting reporting tools made available to management and feels confident that the efforts will reap improvements in customer satisfaction.

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