Presence Health

Created in November 2011 through the merger of Provena Health and Resurrection Health Care, Presence Health is the largest Catholic health system based in Illinois.

Presence Health is the largest Catholic health system based in Illinois with over 150 locations and experiences extremly heavy call volume. They had considerable problems with their previous call accounting vendor as their system did not have the capacity to store a single month’s worth of data from all sites. Selectively backing up, compressing, archiving, restoring, and decompressing files was a constant necessity …. and a constant aggravation.

The Solution

Apogee to the rescue … with its robust client-server Microsoft SQL Server database engine with many terabytes of potential phone record storage and Web access for all department managers.

The Results

During a parallel trial Apogee accurately recorded 10.6% more calls than the well-known competitor’s Enterprise system. In fact the improvement in data capture was even more dramatic during one period - the main PBX happened to be a Nortel Option 61 that had its SMDR port temporarily disabled for maintenance during the holiday.  When SMDR was restored, the technician inadvertently requested a different SMDR format. Data collection then proceeded for over a week without anyone noticing that both call accounting systems had stopped processing calls.

Once the error had been detected, however, it was a simple matter in Apogee to select the correct configuration and reprocess the calls without loss of a single call record.  As the competitive system only stored processed calls it was not possible to recover the improperly formatted information.

After replacing the previous system with Apogee (for less than the cost of the original vendor's maintenance), the telecom manager was able to fly his model airplanes again during the evenings and on the weekends!  Contact SDT for an extensive report detailing this Case Study.

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