The Walt Disney Company

The Challenge
When Walt Disney acquired ABC Inc, the combined company brought together the colossal television network along with its ESPN cable service into the Disney Empire, its Hollywood film and television studios, the Disney Channel, its theme parks, and its repository of well-known cartoon character franchises. Viewed from a telecommunications perspective, the acquisition brought together a disparate conglomeration of PBXs and VoIP systems that represented a monumental management challenge.

The Solution
Corporate executives were particularly sensitive to security issues and sought to ensure that the phone records of the various properties were adequately protected. The SDT Enterprise system with its standard, four level Security Model and multi-site database sequestering (while permitting inter-departmental reporting when necessary) proved to be an excellent solution for their demanding requirements.

The Results
Over 36 properties have been successfully added to the expanding system. Web Reporting has been a popular way for busy managers to generate sensitive ad hoc reports, while routine management reports are easily created via custom templates, automatically generated, collated and distributed through the convenient Email-Merge functionality.

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